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  • The difference between hotel linen and home textile products
    Post time: 04-26-2019

    In terms of quality, due to the need to adapt to frequent industrial washing, the hotel linen pays more attention to the intrinsic quality index of the product, quality deviation, breaking strength, water absorption, color fastness to washing and color fastness to rubbing, etc. One of the basic ...Read more »

  • Teach You How To Pick Pillow
    Post time: 04-26-2019

       We spent about a third of our time spent on the Pillow, the Pillow can be said to be our life to rely on partners, tired when the sleepy to the Pillow, sad arms will be arms around the Pillow, the total Pillow Is quietly accompanied by our side  Pillow not only to protect our sl...Read more »

  • Large Decorative Pillow Is Important For Home
    Post time: 04-26-2019

    For Heat Therapy Microwave  large decorative  on a clean plate for 10 seconds. if more heat is required, heat in 10 seconds inrements with 30 seconds standing ti...Read more »

  • How To Distinguish Between Cotton Fabric And Polyestercotton Fabric
    Post time: 04-26-2019

    How to distinguish between cotton fabric and polyester/cotton fabric 1.Burn with fire The flame of cotton fabric is yellow, the ash is white The flame of polyester/cotton fabric is close to black, and the ash is black. 2. Polyester cotton fabric is easy to pilling after washing   Read more »

  • How To Choose The Right Quilt
    Post time: 04-26-2019

    "Did you sleep well last night?" Has become one of the major factors that haunt our health. But at the same time, we are on how to improve the quality of sleep, but we often lack the effective means and methods.    According to the World Health Organization survey of 25,9...Read more »

  • How To Choose The Right Bedding Set
    Post time: 04-26-2019

    In recent years, with the development of science and technology society, people's quality of life has undergone enormous changes in the requirements of Bedding Set is getting higher and higher, so many consumers do not know how to choose the specific Bedding Set. Here, Bedding Set manufacture...Read more »

  • Fabric Density And Thread Count
    Post time: 04-26-2019

      The basic structure of the fabric formed by interlacing warp and weft perpendicularly to each other is divided into three types: plain, twill, and satin.   Plain weave: warp and weft yarns are intertwined once every other yarn, with many interlacing points, firm texture, smooth surfac...Read more »

  • Custom Bedding Set Need To Pay Attention To What
    Post time: 04-26-2019

    Custom Bedding Set need to pay attention to whatPay attention to the exact size of the newspaper first you want to know the custom Bedding Set, is to look at your personal needs, if you customize the ordinary bed sheets quilt, you need to know how much you need, the simplest you want to know thei...Read more »

  • 5 Tips for Choose Bed Linens
    Post time: 04-26-2019

    Being that we spend about one-third of our lives asleep, it makes sense to invest in bedding that's not only comfortable, but stands the test of time. But with so many options out there — thread count, fabric make-up, patterns, solids — the decision process can be overwhelming. 1. Thread Coun...Read more »


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