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Teach You How To Pick Pillow

  We spent about a third of our time spent on the Pillow, the Pillow can be said to be our life to rely on partners, tired when the sleepy to the Pillow, sad arms will be arms around the Pillow, the total Pillow Is quietly accompanied by our side
  Pillow not only to protect our sleep, but also about life 2/3 time work, study, the quality of life, but you really can choose their own Pillow?
One, the appropriate height and softness
  In addition to considering the shape of the Pillow, height, material, the most important thing is to choose the most suitable for their actual situation of the Pillow height and hardness. Sleep habits for the height of the Pillow also have a slight impact, but also take into account. For normal people, the height and hardness of the Pillow with each person's fat and thin, shoulder width, neck length are related to comfort is appropriate, like lying down to sleep, do not pick too high Pillow. Pillow in the vicinity of the neck, used to support the cervical spine. In addition, it must be soft and elastic enough, breathable, flexible!
Second, in line with their sleeping position
  Whether sleeping or sleeping, it is best to choose the neck to maintain the normal physiological curvature of the Pillow, adult supine or side Pillow when 15 cm is appropriate. High Pillow to the cervical spine is too before the song, the neck soft tissue excessive tension, fatigue, prone to stiff neck, over time will also cause the neck of the bones appear morphological changes, such as physiological bending straight, anti-Zhang. Some people like no Pillow sleep or Pillow is too low, this is not good, will make the head congestion, easy to cause eyelids and facial swelling, and the jaw will therefore lift up, easy to mouth breathing, snoring.
  Like sideways to sleep, the Pillow will be slightly harder, height and shoulder width almost on the line, so that pressure to ensure that the neck and body straight, so that the neck muscles to relax, to avoid stiffening. Buckwheat Pillow is good, Dongnuanxialiang, heat cured fire, but also move the shape along the head to change. Those tummy to sleep, be sure to pick soft, breathable Pillow Caixing, do not have to bring Pillow, you can pad in the abdomen, the buffer when the oppression of the internal organs. Down Pillow and then fit, both fluffy and breathable, of course, the premise is that you will not be allergic to the down.
Third, Pillow type
  Latex Pillow
  Latex elasticity is good, not easy to deformation, strong support. Latex for the development of children is the bone, you can change the head shape, and there will be no allergic to the respiratory tract caused by dust, fiber and other allergens, and some latex Pillow also has a massage and promote blood circulation effect. Latex Pillow is the ideal Pillow, but the price is also more expensive.
  Down Pillow:
  Good feather Pillow, should be larger down, the fluffy better, can provide better support to the head, it will not be used for a long time and deformation. And down with light, breathable, not hot the advantages. Down Pillow is a good material Pillow, the disadvantage is not washed.
  Health Pillow:
  Health Pillow is the traditional Chinese herbal medicine combined with the combination of fodder medicine Pillow, common cassia seed Pillow, so you unknowingly sleep, soothe the nerves of the brain, cool eyesight, disease prevention and physical.
  Buckwheat Pillow
  Buckwheat has a tough, non-fragile diamond-like structure, and buckwheat leather Pillow can change shape with the left and right movement of the head and sleep very comfortable. The method of cleaning is to place the sun on a regular basis.
  Chemical fiber Pillow
  This is a man-made fiber made of Pillow, because the chemical fiber material is not breathable, the use of a long time easy to form a piece of deformation, lack of flexibility, the Pillow presents a rugged state.

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