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How To Choose The Right Quilt

"Did you sleep well last night?" Has become one of the major factors that haunt our health. But at the same time, we are on how to improve the quality of sleep, but we often lack the effective means and methods.

    According to the World Health Organization survey of 25,916 patients in primary care in 15 districts in 14 countries, 27% of people have sleep problems, and such a figure has been more than 30% in China. The result is that more than half of the people will be depressed during the day, doze off, 27.7% of people are in poor mood, 38.9% of the daytime activities are limited. According to the study, the best sleep time is: children 10 hours, adults 7 hours. If you sleep eight hours a day, one-third of a person's life is spent in sleep. Sleep is good or bad, and people's psychological and physical health are closely related. Are you sleeping in the environment? Are your 
bedding comfortable? Do you choose a Quilt?
 The Quilt is the essential item for everyone to sleep, and the quality of human sleep is directly related to the Quilt. Sleep quality is not high to many extent often not because of sleep environment, the key lies in the Quilt is good or bad. Therefore, a good Quilt on the bed not only requires a beautiful appearance, but also requires the core to the body can bring a good sleep suitable micro-environment. Whether you are a whip wholesaler or buy a use of their own, we must understand the various types of different types of features, the following look at what kind of Quilt for you!

Down jacket — the most light Quilt. The main filling of the feathers is velvet and duck down two kinds of advantages: warm and good, and has a good hygroscopicity, sweat, more dry. Adapt to the crowd: due to the duvet also has a light, soft, soft features, its weight is much lighter than the Quilt, the use of the body will not cause a sense of oppression, so suitable for suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, poor blood circulation And the elderly, pregnant women, children and so on.

Silk is — the most "green" Quilt. Because silkworms can not touch chemicals such as pesticides in the process of growth, so silk should be "green" green Quilt. Advantages: silk is the main component of animal protein fiber, with a dozen amino acids, beneficial to the human body.

Wool (cashmere) is — the most personal Quilt. Wool fiber has a good curling characteristics, so wool insulation is beyond doubt. While the wool has a very good drape, so good fit. Advantages: personal, comfortable.
The fiber is the cheapest Quilt. In all the Quilts, the fiber should be considered the most affordable price; fiber can be divided into four holes, seven holes, nine holes Quilt, the more the number of fiber holes its warmth, flexibility, permeability is better. But in the purchase should pay attention: not necessarily have to select the number of holes in the fiber, if the winter indoor temperature is higher, choose four holes can be; if the warmth of a higher demand, then select the hole more Fiber was. Advantages: cheap.

Post time: 04-26-2019


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